The Bacchanalian Society of Cincinnati is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that
is led by a dedicated team of officers and a passionate, diverse group of hosts.

President: Neil White
Vice President, Operations: Zach Becks
Vice President, Host Relations: Josh Smithermann
Vice President, Special Projects: Megan Jackson
Vice President, Charity Relations: Andrea Newman
Vice President, Marketing: Kristen Gasperetti
Vice President, Special Projects: Aly Fernandez

Presidents Emeriti
Lauren Gonnella
Jordan Weidner
Andrew Watson
Jim Murphy
John Brenzel
Christy Curtin


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Sponsorship Opportunities
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New Chapter
To begin a chapter of the Bacchanalian Society in your own town, send an email to

Charity Requests
To have your charity considered by the Bacchanalian Society, send an email to

Volunteer Request
To learn more about volunteering for the Bacchanalian Society
or its many charitable beneficiaries, send an email to

Miscellaneous Requests
To contact our officers with other questions or requests, send an email to

Mailing Address
Bacchanalian Ventures LLC.
C/O W. Ashley Hess
312 Walnut Street
Suite 3200
Cincinnati, OH 45202-4074


Andrew Heintz
Alex Montgomery
Aly Fernandez
Andy Watson
Anna Coutts
Anotonio Shelton
Anu Bansel
Ashley Mitzel
Ben Taylor
Brian Blair
Brianna Lucente
Brittany Pohlman
Colin Yeakle
Jason Dimac
Chris Dam
John Brenzel
Josh Rothstein
JR Foster
Julie Lockwood
Justin Watkins
Laura Koehler
Laura McKee
Lance Coulter
Liz Heubi
Madeline Watson
Megan Jackson
Mike Rodarte
Nick McKee
Noah Stelzer
Patrick Hayes
Prashant Vala
Sara Hayes
Ann Korte
Anthony Danizio
Beau Vennari
Clint Allen
Josh Smithermann
Katie Hooker
Martin Rittenhouse
Summer Craig
Stephanie Putt
Tim Kite
Aaron Binik-Thomas
Zach Becks
Megan Brunn
Nikki Broughton
Jenna Siegrist
Andrew Burgess
Rich Gableman
Steve Van Dyke
Jerri Reynolds
Kauren Winestein
Stephanie Hatfield


The Bacchanalian Society was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2002 by Todd Fisher, Kevin Ghassomian and Ashley Hess, three late-twenty-something friends who were new to town and eager to expand their social and professional networks. Using an innovative model of wine tasting, their small circle of friends soon grew and their gatherings quickly became standing-room-only events. In time, the three friends brought conviction to the revelry by using their growing numbers to help charities organize and conduct their own wine tastings. Thus began a wildly successful venture in social entrepreneurship and philanthropy that continues to expand today. If you would like to start a chapter of the Bacchanalian Society in your own town, please email